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The tyre’s on your vehicle are the primary point of contact with the road, therefore meaning that a good quality tyre is essential to achieve optimum performance.


There are many factors to consider when replacing your vehicle’s tyres.


Wet and dry grip, fuel economy, reducing road noise and the longevity of the tyre. We understand that often this can be quite confusing but we can help you choose the best quality tyre for your budget, whilst meeting your requirements. We are able to supply and fit the most popular brands of tyres but we are also a distributor for Zeknova tyres therefore for any enquires please contact us.

Zeknova, are Currently we stock two types in varying sizes:

The Supersport RS – 240AA A Treadwear – This is the most durable semi-slick tyre with 2mm deeper tread depth and most economic among all series, mainly for pro drifting competitions, practices, drifting schools and endurance races. Also great for some high-performance cars for daily driving for better safety and speed. Mainly for race cars with less than 500bhp or as a drift practice tyre.

The RS606 R1 – 140AA A Treadwear – This is the fastest semi-slick tyre with an unapproachable grip and speed. For time attack, hill climb, circuit racing, track day and other track races. Also great for top drifters with 700+bhp and amazing as a front tyre for exceptional grip.

Drive on the best tyres on the market all available from Carson Performance. Fitting available or Supply only

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Zeknova Super Sport RS

The Zeknova SuperSport RS is an economic semi-slick R Compound Tyre.

Tyres have a deeper tread of 8MM, 10/32nds with a special formula to help extend life, excellent grip throughout the life of the tyre.

These performance tyre have a UTQG Treadwear of 240 AA A

These tyres are great for many applications such as:

Road Course Racing
Aggressive Street
Endurance Racing
AutoCross Racing

Available in 

235 / 45 ZR17  |  245 / 40 ZR17 |  225 / 40 ZR18  |  235 / 40 ZR18  |  265 / 35 ZR18 

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Zeknova RS606 R1

Designed for Ultimate Grip and Fastest Speeds!

The RS606 has a optimised construction, tread design with balance dry performance and wet traction, making the race cars fully under your control, in all types of extreme driving conditions.

Intended for top level drifting, road racing, track days and autocross etc.

Available in 2 treadwears.

Great for these applications:

AutoCross Racing

Available in 

195/50 R15  |   225/40 ZR18  |   225/45 ZR17  |  235/40 ZR17  |   235/40 ZR18  |   235/40 ZR18  |   235/45 ZR18  |   245/40 ZR17  |   255/35 R18  |   265/35ZR18

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