Strongflex Polybushes

Why upgrade to poly bushes?

As the standard bushes on your car begin to wear out it’s likely that you will notice the handling on your car will decline, you may get uneven tyre wear and it’s possible that you would hear knocking noises.

Bad bushes replaced with strong flex

What’s the solution?

To remedy this, we recommend replacing the standard bushes with upgraded polyurethane bushes which will provide extra support and greater handling. We are able to supply our preferred brand of Strongflex poly-bushes; we have found that these offer great value for money as well as high performance. After fitting thousands of these bushes to various cars we are yet to find anything negative in terms of quality and performance.


Strongflex cutout

Explore our wide range of StrongFlex Polybushes, all bushes can be fitted in house here at Carson Performance. 

Please note that due the COVID-19 outbreak, deliveries will take up to 7-10 working days

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