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At Carson Performance, we offer fully customisable servicing options, with all parts carefully selected to meet your requirements. We can supply parts suitable for your vehicle whether it is a road car, performance or track vehicle.

At Carson Performance, we offer fully customisable servicing options, with all parts carefully selected to meet your requirements. We can supply parts suitable for your vehicle whether it is a road car, performance car or track vehicle.

Our options range from:

– Oil and filter service

– Full service (including engine oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs)

– Major service (including everything within a full service plus gearbox oil, differential oil, coolant and brake fluid)

We can also add on timing/cam belts. All services can be customised to meet your needs.

With every service, we will also carry out a thorough inspection of your vehicle as standard. This can help identify any concerns that may lead to a failure of an MOT test as well as preventing future breakdowns or costly repair bills.

Servicing at CArson Performance Oil Service
Servicing at CArson Performance Sach Oil
Servicing at CArson Performance


Dianostics and Repair Carson Performanceldpi

With our years of expertise in the automotive industry and in particular Japanese vehicles, we are able to accurately diagnose issues that your vehicle may be experiencing. We are able to offer Timing Belt replacement, Clutch and Flywheel replacement, Brake replacements, Engine Diagnostics, Exhausts repairs, Welding etc.

We are able to source parts from our preferred suppliers or can fit parts that our customers have supplied.

We can also give your vehicle a thorough pre-MOT check/ramp inspection to see whether it’s in a passable condition and undertake any repairs it needs to ensure it’s up to the required standard.

If you own a vehicle that’s failed its MOT, we are also able to carry out any repairs it may need before it’s re-tested.

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Skyline R34 specialist Surrey


Suspension Bushing Carson Performanceldpi

As the standard bushes on your car begin to wear out you may notice that the handling of the car begins to decline. You may also experience uneven tyre wear and it’s possible that you will hear knocking noises.

To remedy this, we recommend replacing the standard bushes with upgraded polyurethane bushes which will provide extra support and greater handling. We are able to supply our preferred brand of Strongflex poly-bushes; we have found that these offer great value for money as well as high performance. After fitting thousands of these bushes to various cars we are yet to find anything negative in terms of quality and performance.

Strong flex bush

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Wheel Alignment Carson Performanceldpi

Ensuring that your vehicle is aligned is essential for good handling and to prevent excessive and uneven tyre wear. Potholes and uneven surfaces can affect your wheel alignment, therefore, it’s good practice to check your alignment regularly.

At Carson Performance, we offer a string alignment service that allows us to set your car up to the standards you require. We can do anything from a standard road car set up, all the way through to track car set up with adjusting the camber, castor and toe. Your requirements will be discussed with you to ensure that we can achieve exactly what you need.

If you’re still on the fence about the validity of string alignment, then it might ease your mind to know that this is the same technique used at the top levels of motorsport such as the British Touring Car Championship.

String Alingment
S15 Drift Geo
Drift Championship Alingnment


CP Arch rolling at carson performance

Wheel arch rolling and flaring provides additional clearance within the wheel arch to allow for the fitting of bigger wheels and tyres. We use a pro arch rolling kit and take our time with the utmost care to give you the best possible result.

When it comes to arch rolling experience is Key!

We have extensive knowledge in arch rolling on many different vehicles and know all the tricks to get the best possible results.

There are various types of arch rolling:

Front lip roll: The front arches on cars generally have a much smaller lip than the rears. Due to their single skin construction, they are far weaker than the rears and need careful treatment. It is common for front wings to pull out slightly while rolling, usually a few mm. The construction of some front wings makes them unsuitable for rolling however we can advise what is suitable for your car.

Rear lip roll: This is where your standard arches have a lip folded back into the arch, whether it’s single or double skin, it can be rolled. The lip is heated and rolled tight back up to the inner arch to give you up to an extra 20mm for your wheels. For most people, this is all they need to avoid the arch lip catching on the tyre. From the outside there’s not much to see, the bodywork and lines remain essentially the same. Most cars rear arches will pull out a small amount on rolling, usually 1-2mm.

Flaring: Flaring will achieve you the maximum amount room, we flare the top of the arch out and the arch profile changes. Keep the flare small and depending on the car, you may keep the factory smooth look.  If you go big, a skim of filler and paint will almost certainly be required.

Arch Rolling FAQ’s

I’ve bought wheels and tyres that are rubbing the wheel arch over bumps or when I load the car up, what can I do?

It sounds like a lip roll would resolve the issues you’re having, it’s straightforward and should give you the additional space that you need.

Will rolling the arches damage the paintwork?

With arch rolling there is always a risk that the paint may crack as you are trying to flex older and dried paint however we do heat the panel to prevent this as best as possible.

I plan to have the car repainted and fit a new body kit too, when should I get you to roll the arches?

It is best if we roll before the bodywork is done, especially if you are planning a flare.

How do you protect the rolled arch from rust?

We apply sealant on the rolled lip to prevent any rust.

Why is rolling an arch with you better than doing it myself?

Mostly because we use an arch roller which is gentle on your paint. We can roll the lip back flatter in comparison to using a hammer or bat. Furthermore, it won’t weaken the arch or leave it open to rust, like grinding the lip off can.

Paintless arch rolling surrey
Arch Roll before and after
Arch Rolling 1



Carson Performance is proud to offer an extensive undersealing process that will protect your beloved car from underbody rust and help protect it from the elements.

As part of this process we remove the rear subframe, fuel tank, brake lines, fuel lines, prop shaft and mountings, the exhaust, any arch liners and trim pieces and finally the shock absorbers. This ensures that every area is covered under your car and also prevents overspray.

We offer black, grey or white underseal depending on the look you wish to achieve. This process can take around five days to complete, with the time that’s required to let the underseal cure, this does not include any possible rust treatment that may be required prior to commencing the underseal. This process can only be accurately quoted once we have seen the vehicle as the severity of the rust would have to be seen in order to understand the works needed.

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At Carson Performance, we are experienced in both MIG and TIG Welding. Aluminium, stainless steel and mild steel welding are available.

Here are just a few examples of the services we offer:

–          Full custom exhaust systems

–          Exhaust repairs / Flexi replacement

–          Creation of brackets

–          Tubbing wheel arches

–          Cracked alloy wheel repairs

We can also fully fabricate parts of your request, please contact us for any enquiries.

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Carson Performance Fabication
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