086205A: Suspension polyurethane bush kit SPORT


KIT ID: 086205A

Name: Suspension polyurethane bush kit SPORT


  • Honda Prelude V 96-01


  • 2x 081740A Front radius rod bush SPORT
  • 2x 081640A Front lower inner arm bush SPORT
  • 2x 081641A Front lower outer arm bush SPORT
  • 4x 081805A Front upper arm bush SPORT
  • 2x 081713A Front anti roll bar bush SPORT
  • 4x 081743A Front anti roll bar link bush SPORT
  • 2x 081714A Rear anti roll bar bush SPORT
  • 2x 081753A Rear toe adjuster inner bush SPORT*
  • 2x 081643A Rear lower inner arm bush SPORT
  • 2x 081646A Rear lower outer arm bush SPORT
  • 2x 081647A Rear trailing arm front bush SPORT
  • 2x 081648A Rear trailing arm rear bush SPORT
  • 4x 081639A Upper arm bush SPORT
  • 2x 081714A Rear anti roll bar bush SPORT


Not works with SH models.

Measure Anti Roll Bush diameter before placing order.
If You have different diameter anti roll bar, please contact.

To install the polyurethane bushing 081647 you must burn the old rubber bush.
Do not remove the outer metal sleeve, it must be reused for this bushing!

*Bush 081753A does not fit models with 4WS system (4 wheel steering).
Select the appropriate selection when adding to the cart.

Pcs / Kit: 30/32


Hardness: 90ShA


To every product we add grease!

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